About Me

I am Darcel Archie and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to my blog The Bowl Company where I will be sharing with you the best and most affordable home improvement ideas. I am a well-travelled interior and exterior decorator who has had the opportunity of getting to see really amazing interior and exterior decoration ideas cutting across different cultures, countries, home sizes and so on. The thing that I have been impressed with the most is how well inexpensive ideas stand toe to toe with expensive ideas.

Many home owners struggle with the task of making improvements to their homes because it’s always seen as an expensive affair. And truth be told, it usually is if you are doing it through a professional. Through my travels, the most important lessons that I have learnt is that you don’t have to break the bank in order to do really quality home improvement work and the best part is that you can do most of it yourself.

This is the reason why I was motivated to start this blog so that I can share what it is I have learnt over the years. I trust that you will find the content in this blog super helpful.


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