What You Need to Know About Painting

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Your house is a lifetime asset that you need to keep clean throughout. Painting is essentially important when you need vibrant colors for your house. Depending on the size of your house, painting can take a few hours, an entire day, or week some weeks. This article informs you of the tool you’ll require for painting and the steps to get a perfectly done job

Important painting tools 

Paintbrush: of course a brush should be an obvious thing that comes into your mind when you think of painting. Painting brushes come in different sizes and forms. If you are painting a room, a big brush will do you good. You might as well need a small brush for the corners and more precise areas of the walls.

Paint roller: being the second most essential tool, a paint roller looks like a large roll with a handle. You dip the roller in paint and then roll back and forth across the wall. This tool makes painting faster and easier. Get a tray that you’ll pour paint into as you get your roller.

Painting clothing: you are not going on a mission to paint with your best clothes. No matter how careful or experienced you may be, you will not finish a painting jo without having some pain on your clothes. You need a set of overalls that you’ll wear during the entire painting session. 

Scrap papers: you’ll need something to cover the floor before you start painting. Newspapers or tissues can also serve this purpose. It’s very possible that you are going to pill some paint and the last thing you’d want is to get it to spill on your floor. 

Steps to a perfect job

Don’t rush the brush, roller, and other tools before making proper preparations for your house. If you don’t make proper preparations, you might be required to pick your paint and brush in just a few months’ time. So, how can you get ready for a perfect job? Below are the steps:

1. Assemble the correct tools

Needless to say, you need all the above tools for the purposes explained above. Lay the floor covers on the floor and leave no area visible. The pour your paint in a tray and get your brush and roller ready for the task. Don’t forget to put on the right clothing.

2. Ensure that the floors are grit free and smooth

You’ll probably not want to paint some dirt or sand on your walls so that it remains stuck there for good. Therefore you need to remove all the tiny grit and lumps on the wall before you start painting. 

3. Use a roller to paint the main surface of your wall

Except for the turning points and the corners of the room, you need to use the roller. Pour the paint in a tray, dip your roller, and roll it over the main surfaces of the wall. It might take you much time to do this but once you are done with painting main surfaces, you are just a few hours away from completing the task. Don’t paint the places near the corners using a roller. 

4. Embark on the corners

You had previously excluded the corners when painting main surfaces, now it’s time to work on them. For the corners, you’ll use painting brushes instead of the paint roller. Dip the brush in paint and brush over the corners and sides of the wall. 

5. Allow time for the paint to dry

You are not getting into your house before the paint dries. Otherwise, you’ll destroy a good job. Depending on the thickness of the paint you used, you’ll need to it for a few hours. You might be eager to enter your vibrant looking house but remember you can only do that when it’s completely dry. 

6. Clean up

There is one final thing before you can settle in the room- do some cleanup. Enter the house and clean up all the painting tools. If there is any paint remaining in the tray, pour it in the paint bucket. Wash the paintbrush under water immediately to prevent it from clogging with paint. Finally, collect the floor covers. 


The painting should be done using a standard method. Make use of this article to get the knowledge you need to do the painting. You might make a few mistakes during the first trial but you’ll be perfect with time.

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